The critic in you will be forced to appreciate the quality of the finish and materials used in construction

Up to 500 puffs

That's equivalent to 50 cigarettes. *Longevity will depend on shiquing behaviour

Luxury Build

Crystal tipped with a decorated metal alloy body. Unbelievable visual appeal

Exquisite Taste

Unique cocktail flavours based on carefully selected alcohol-type mixtures

Expert Crafting

Each pen flavour has been individually designed baring an unique SHIQUE motif.


SHIQUE® Blaque comes with a touch of alcohol for an ultimate SHIQUE experience


An exquisite blend of zingy citrus fruits and mint flavours, fused onto a SHIQUE rum base.
Bold, Exciting and refreshing...

...something for the bold

The Mint Mojito shiquer will be assertive and confident, with a taste for leading the proceedings and starting conversation

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A delicious blend of sweet berry and lime fruits, fused with a SHIQUE vodka base.
Tangy yet unapologetic...

...for the self assured

The Cosmopolitan shiquer will be heavily concerned with style and persona and will always look the part.

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An exclusive mix of peach tree flavours expertly blended with our signature SHIQUE Champagne base.
rich, velvety and subtle...

...for the distinguished

The Bellini shiquer will be every part the gentleman/woman with particularly refined tastes.

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A bold and flavoursome fusion of cream and pineapple on a delectable SHIQUE coconut rum base.
unquestionably flavoursome...

...for the pleasure seeker

The Pina Colada shiquer lives for now and will seek adventure at every turn.

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A soft and sweet combination of berry flavours on a smooth and spicy SHIQUE red wine base
sweet and indulgent...

...for the impulse buyer

The Berry Sangria shiquer is quietly indulgent and seldom shies away from personal treats.

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The Blaque range is undoubtedly the most exquisite e-cigarette on the market.

Beauty in Exclusivity

The Shique Blaque Stick represents exclusivity in luxury and availability. We only make this line of our product available through our exclusive outlets.

Spoil Yourself

Our unique and exquisite pens contain a tried and tested combination of fruit flavours and alcohol flavouring that really is unlike any other flavoured vapour pen available. So why not spoil youself.

Quality at every turn

Almost too good to dispose of, our electronic cigarettes are a real executive treat. As beautiful to hold, as they are to behold.